Gaziev Bakhromjon Valievich

Gaziev Bakhromjon Valievich


Strategic Sports Management professional experienced in impacting business direction with successful leadership decisions. Talented at providing key plan development and implementation. Veteran creator of successful business plans and strategic development initiatives.


  • Industry partnership development                      Defining company vision
  • Executive leadership                                       Employee coaching
  • Strategic business planning                              Financial leadership                 
  • Team building and leadership                          Operations oversight


Private entrepreneurship activities                                                     2003-2011

Since 2003 to 2011 was participating in private businesses and entrepreneurship activities. Received vital experience of ruling and controlling different processes within an organization. Moreover, studied how to design, plan and implement various types of projects. Had an experience of having negotiations with employees as well as with people from different departments of government institutions. Throughout this period of eight years I obtained a wide range of knowledge of how to communicate with workers from different departments in order to control all organizational processes.

 “AMIN PAPER group” LLC                                                            2011-2016

  Commercial director  

In 2011 I became Commercial director of “AMIN PAPER group” LLC. At this position I was responsible for conducting market researches, analyses creation of detailed business plans on commercial opportunities. One of my duties was development and implementation of commercial strategies according to company’s goals and objectives aiming to accelerate growth. During five years of being at this position I had a huge experience in financial management and strategic planning.

“Alif Grand corporation”                                                    2017-up to this day


From 2017 and up to this day hold a position of chairman in “Alif Grand corporation”. At this post I am mainly responsible for making long-term strategic decisions. At the same time, I acquired leadership skills in many areas of this job. I led, insipid and motivated a group of 12 people to ensure that I developed their skills and capabilities to reach our targets.

Horse Breeding and Equestrian Federation of Uzbekistan              2017 – 2021


In the time frame between 2017 and 2021 I was performing the duties of the Vice-President of the Horse Breeding and Equestrian Federation of Uzbekistan. During this period of time, I was in charge of organizing more than 40 national level tournaments all over Uzbekistan. I managed to find multiple sponsors for each of these tournaments. These activities helped to populate horse-riding in all of the Uzbekistan regions and attracted a lot of young people to start train in this kind of sport.

Modern Pentathlon Federation of Uzbekistan                     2018-up to this day


In 2018 I was selected to be the president of Modern Pentathlon Federation of Uzbekistan. In this position I have learned how to develop close relationship not only with Federation officials but also with coaches and athletes. It has increased my understanding of the broader sporting landscape.  I have dealt with sport on all levels from participation and performance to coaching and volunteering.  At this has given me a greater knowledge on sporting pathways therefore making me adaptable to any situations that may arise. Also, this role has enabled me to gain important experience in creating and running events to engage a target audience.  The first UIPM Global Laser Run City Tour which was held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) attracted more than 350 participants.  Running events has led me to being capable and comfortable when dealing with tight budgets and deadlines.  This shows creativeness and efficiency in my workings.

Polo Federation of Uzbekistan                                    2020 – up to this day


After receiving this position, I immediately started organizing Polo clubs in different regions of Uzbekistan. My main objective was to create professional clubs in appropriate facilities with required equipment. Within several months, 8 Polo clubs were opened in Uzbekistan. After that, under my leadership, five national level polo competitions were held in Tashkent. At the same time, our second goal was breeding and selection of local horse breed called Karabair.

Horse Breeding and Equestrian Federation of Uzbekistan 2021 -up to this day


 At this position my main goal is popularization of equestrian sports. After my appointment at this post, President of Uzbekistan issued two decrees about popularization and development of Horse Breeding and Equestrian, Modern Pentathlon and Polo. The most obvious way to popularize any kind of sport is making tournaments. Therefore, we conduct equestrian tournaments every week and promote each of them.

Eurasian Equestrian Association                                2021 – up to this day


During my Vice-Presidency in Eurasian Equestrian association, stages of FEI World Jumping Cup and Nations Cup of Eurasian league were organized and conducted. First stage took place in Uzbekistan. These tournaments in which Uzbekistan national team took the first place, allowed Uzbekistan to participate in the final tournament of Nations cup which will take place in Barcelona, for the first time in Uzbekistan Equestrian history.

International activity

A list of international organizations with which memorandums of understanding and cooperation were signed, directly with my participation:

  1. Qatar Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon Federation 11.12.2018
  2. Modern Pentathlon Federation of Kazakhstan 13.12.2018
  3. Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia 16.02.2019
  4. Korean Modern Pentathlon Federation 30.06.2019
  5. Modern Pentathlon & Biathlon Federation Kyrgyzstan 25.05.2019
  6. Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Federation 12.06.2021
  7. Agreement on exchange of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games with the mayor of Hidaka town – Chiaki Otaka 19.01.2021
  8. Coach Certification Program was held in Uzbekistan 29.03-2.04.2021
  9. Head of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Uzbekistan at the 2020 Olympic Games
  10. FEI Jumping World Cup Eurasian League was held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) under my leadership
  11. Official meeting with the President of UIPM – Dr. Klause Schormann in Frankfurt, 19.01.2019
  12. Official meeting with the President of Asian Modern Petathlon Confederation – Mr. Sangwoo Park in Tokyo, 30.06.2019

Achievements and honors

State award medal named “Sodiq xizmatlari uchun” (Medal named “For loyal services”), 2020.

Master of sports of international class in equestrian sports


High school № 144

Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizomiy – 2001, bachelor’s degree in Professional education.

Tashkent State Economic University – 2003, master of international economic relations.


Russian- native

Uzbek – native


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